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nothing much going on

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Jun. 4th, 2006 | 06:23 pm
mood: angrysunburnt
music: thursday- 54321

I am enjoying my first summer without it being sandwiched by two equally dreadful school sessions.  Spending a lot of time tending the gardens.  Yes, plural, if you can count the whole yard as one.  

Xmen 3 was very interestingly good.  I'd never gotten as far as "The Cure" saga in my previous comic readings, so I inadvertenly picked up a few comics this past weekend at Dave's Comics in Fayetteville.  I also happened upon a comic called ZOMBIE, which I refused to not pick up.  Without being too much of a critic (since there was only one zombie--a lil' girl at that- in issue 1), I have to say that I have never seen or read a zombie comic book in my entire zombie-obsessed life.  I even discoved that their is a comic called Emo Boy.... i did not buy that one.

Dir en Grey has an American album?!  Apparenlty, Whispers of Death, came out sometime in March on some unknown record label.  Reading a track listing, I notice that The Final is one of the first singles.  ((I've had a copy of that song since last year)).

In other jNews, I finally saw a copy of Kiero (Pulse), which Wes Craven is "stamping" his name on as a American release sometime before we all die.  I think the trailors borrowed more from the Japanese version...I just hope it isn't as noticable as a Power Rangers episode.  I also don't think the plot makes much sense without an understanding of the culture....but I also said that about The Grudge.  lol.

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