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Jun. 19th, 2006 | 09:02 pm
mood: dorkydorky
music: Galleon- So i Begin

Just got back in from a monstrous jogging experience....yep, I've been doing that consistently almost every night since school let out.  I have to say that I've noticed some changes...both physically, mentally, and health-wise. 

Just in case you were wondering, I've been spending my entire summer working full-time.  I need to save up enough money to pay for grad school.  The few days off that I have, I've been spending with my immediate family and helping around the house.  I can say that our backyard officially looks like a Japanese garden by now. 

I blame X3 for my new addiction to comic books:  I am currently up to date on Joss Whedon's Astonishing Xmen series (gasp!) and am trying to catch up on this whole House of M thing.  I have also discovered that John Russo--original author of Night of the Living Dead, and the early Return of the Living Dead seris (1 and 2)-- has made up to his fans by writing a all-new comic series Escape of the Living Dead.  I'm only on issue 1, but am glad that it doesn't entirely suck.  For those of you out of the "know", SciFi Pictures released a Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5 late last year...both of which sucked seriously.  One of them even involved kids taking drugs a la zombie canister fluid.  I guess you just have to be a fan to know what I'm talking about.  lol.

I've blanked out on my music scene for a bit.  Currently, I'm interested in everything French.  I just bought a copy of Galleon's "so i begin", which is a mix of techno and dance.  And, I've just ordered a much anticipated Serge Gainsbourg singles album...it even includes the one with Brigitte Bardot.  (yay!)

enjoy the hot weather......

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